Negative effects of pornography on children

As more and more children are exposed not only to soft-core pornography, but also to explicit deviant sexual material, they are learning an extremely dangerous message from pornographers: Sex without responsibility is acceptable and desirable. Because pornography encourages sexual expression without responsibility, it endangers children’s health.

One of the grimmer consequences of adult-like sexual activity among children has been a steady increase in the extent to which youth are afflicted with venereal disease. In the United States about one in four sexually experienced teenagers acquires a sexually transmitted disease (STD) every year, resulting in three million cases of teenage STDs iv


Negative effects of pornography on children.


The danger of pornography for children

Recent days, children can access pornographic videos and erotic pictures easily. They can get all of them from internet, magazines, films and CDs. The billboards on the road are sometime very erotic. All children are free to access those pornographic sources. They do not even have to pay a cent. We are as parents worry for this condition. In our childhood thirty years ago, it is difficult to access pornographic sources.

Some researchers from Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Tennessee and Yale University in Connecticut, USA released their research on Psychonomic Bulletin and Review August edition 2005, quoted that there would be “ Blindness” in a person’s brain after he/ she watched some erotic and violence pictures. One of elements in human’s brain name “ Amygdala” works independently. Amygdala will increase emotion, heart beat, and cold sweat after receiving trigger from sensational pictures.



The danger of pornography for children.

Why you should share your experiences on a storysite – Web 2.0 – Blogs

The ability to tell true stories has played an undeniably important role in the development of mankind. Before humans could express themselves in writing, telling short stories with moral components was the only way they could share experiences and lessons learned.

By telling stories our ancestors told their children how to survive the harsh conditions they lived in, and by telling stories people could share their knowledge to others so their lessons learned did not die with the narrator. It is not for nothing that our brain is more capable of remembering things when they are related to a story. Trying to remember more than seven random items is a harsh task for most of us, but if someone tells you a story with more than seven items in it, it suddenly gets much easier to remember them. Incidentally, the same positive effect can be reached by using music in a similar fashion.


Why you should share your experiences on a storysite – Web 2.0 – Blogs.

Bullying and Sexuality: Enough is Enough – Health – Mental Health

Bullying is defined as aggressive behavior that manifests as a habitual occurrence, and is triggered by a perceived imbalance of power; it is commonly directed at victims who differ in race, religion, and sexuality. This behavior can involve any type of abuse including emotional abuse, verbal abuse, or physical abuse. Emotional and verbal abuse has always been difficult for authorities to recognize and act upon; today, the situation is further complicated by the use of the internet and the emergence of \

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how to know Children’s Character through Their Favorite Toys – Family – Parenting

Some children like electric toys. Press the button and switch, the toy itself will do actions and bring the children a happy moment. However, the shortcomings of these toys are that they can only provide children with the “surface excitement”, not detect its internal secrets and structures. Because the electric toys are of the highest price and most fragile, some parents only let the children watching the operation of parents, rather than let the children reach out and touch to play by themselves. The result of doing this way is only to make children excited for the moment, but his interest in the toys will not last too long, let alone to cultivate the spirit of exploration of the children.


Learn about Children\’s Character through Their Favorite Toys – Family – Parenting.

water play for children benefit

Playing with water is a fun activity. Children have no risk to play water play setting at home that we can set the play safely. Playing with water in a swimming pool or a beach is different from playing with water using water play tools at home. Safety is a matter with water play but that should not stop children from enjoying playing with water. We should prepare and prevent accidents from the play. Safe and secure water play setting is essential before we let our children play with water. Tools and equipments are parts of the secure and safe.


water play for children benefit.

Can Kindergarten Kids Be Taught A Subsequent Language? – Education – Online Education

For years it has been thought that teaching a foreign language to preschool-age children would be useless. However, teacher training institute indicates that the best time for a child to learn another language is in the first three to four years of life.

When Children Are Young, Language Learning Is Natural Process kids growing up in a well-rounded environment learns to speak at least 2,000 basic words by the time they are three to four years old. Simply watching how babies learn to talk proves that they are natural learners. During the first six months of life, babies jabber using 70 sounds that make up all the languages in the world. They will then learn to talk using only the sounds and words they pick up from their surroundings, most significantly from their parents and caregivers. A baby’s brain will then remove the ability to speak in languages he or she does not hear.


Can Kindergarten Kids Be Taught A Subsequent Language? – Education – Online Education.

Tips On Bullying in School – Sports – Martial Arts

Senior Master Tracy Lee Thomas of Changing Lives Martial Arts is sad to find out that almost 10% of school age children are the victims of a bully. Bullying is most common by the second grade and occurs throughout life. Bullying can be both physical and verbal, and can range from mild teasing to pushing and hitting. Bullying is even done quite often on the internet.The team of instructors at Changing Lives ATA Martial Arts in Virginia Beach and Chesapeake, Virginia is trying to make a difference by building strong leaders in the community through Martial Arts and Krav Maga. It concerns Tracy Lee Thomas that children are being victimized by their peers

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Are Your Children Ready for School? – Family

Make a habit of coming to school unannounced during the one-on-one practices or other times to become ‘known’ as an attentive parent. Be present at games and practice. If you can’t be there, ask another parent to be the ‘stand-in’ parent. Tell the coach who is ‘standing-in.’ Trust and honor your child’s intuitive reactions. If your child feels uncomfortable with someone, respect their intuitive sense. Teach your child to avoid going into a teacher’s office alone-many children unwittingly go into a teacher’s office at the teacher’s request to help carry books or equipment-with the door closed and alone with the teacher, the child is abused.

Are Your Children Ready for School? – Family.