The danger of pornography for children

Recent days, children can access pornographic videos and erotic pictures easily. They can get all of them from internet, magazines, films and CDs. The billboards on the road are sometime very erotic. All children are free to access those pornographic sources. They do not even have to pay a cent. We are as parents worry for this condition. In our childhood thirty years ago, it is difficult to access pornographic sources.

Some researchers from Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Tennessee and Yale University in Connecticut, USA released their research on Psychonomic Bulletin and Review August edition 2005, quoted that there would be “ Blindness” in a person’s brain after he/ she watched some erotic and violence pictures. One of elements in human’s brain name “ Amygdala” works independently. Amygdala will increase emotion, heart beat, and cold sweat after receiving trigger from sensational pictures.



The danger of pornography for children.


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