TV’s Top Ten Most Annoying Girlfriends


“Never met a woman who knew how to turn off a light. They’re born thinkin’ the switch only goes one way: on.”  –  Shane, “The Walking Dead”

Apparently dearly departed Shane’s pet peeve when it came to girlfriends was light switch decorum. Married (to your best friend) + kid? Bring it on. Light switch flippant? It stops here. I forgive him. Zombie apocalypse is just not as much fun without him, but if I could have him back, if only just for a few minutes, I’d tell him, baby, you could do so much worse:

TV-sphere is full of women who bring out the RAWR in me. I give you TV’s top 10 most annoying girlfriends.

TV's top 10 annoying

1. Lori Grimes on The Walking Dead – Wife? Girlfriend? Libra?

Mixing as we speak.

Mixed signals much?

2. Kelly Kapoor on The Office – Lover of Pink (the Color), Pink (the Singer)…

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