Single Parent Key Ideas

By Karen Miller

It doesn’t look that difficult to be a parent until you have children, and doing it alone is harder than you can imagine. There are many people who are having to adjust to single parenting, because one parent households are almost as common as two. The focus of this article will be on ways to make single parenting more manageable.

If you or your child needs help, there is no shame in seeking out a professional. When death or divorce is the cause of becoming a single parent, everyone involved with the situation knows how painful it is. Too often, the single parent has enough problems, and doesn’t always think about the situation through the eyes of the child. If he or she is having difficulty in school or at home, counseling might be a good idea. When going through a difficult situation, remember that you have needs, too. Quite often you will need more than the help of your friends or your family. Becoming a single parent can be a very rocky road for you and your child, but counseling sessions can make it go easier. Also, as you become a single parent, think about switching careers. Sometimes, what you need is an actual career. Some occupations are better than others for single parents. If your children get home from school by 3, a typical 9 to 5 schedule would not work. Think about jobs in the medical profession such as nursing as they often have flexible hours. There are also work from home jobs to consider such as graphics, writing, online marketing and web design. As a single parent, you need a job where your schedule can be flexible and provides a steady income source.

Don’t become like a lot of single parents, who forget their own needs, by be overly concerned with their child. To enjoy yourself, to be alone, and to relax are all necessary to re-energize a person. A lot of single parents feel guilty when they think about spending time away from their children, but if you can get past this, you will find a way to be alone. Time to regroup, especially for single parents, is so important, that you must find a way to get away from your children, by finding a babysitter somehow. Some people unwind better being totally alone with only silence and their own thoughts, and others like being with a friend to talk and enjoy time without children.

Financial matters are some of the decisions that must be made, where there is much available support, in raising a child by a single parent. Since there are so many single parents today, you shouldn’t find it hard to meet others in this situation, and this can make it possible to create a helpful support system. Being a single parent will always go better when the possibilities you have, are focused on rather than your problems, no matter how bad they seem.

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