What’s really in the cereal bowl?

Nourishing Our Children

Corn flakesIn essence – toxic grains.

A typical American breakfast consists of a bowl of cold cereal, which is made by a process called extrusion.

An extruder is an industrial machine that uses high temperatures and pressures to create a variety of shapes such as little flakes, O’s, and shredded grains for shredded wheat or Triscuits. Extrusion is also used to create puffed rice cereal, and rice cakes, neither of which we recommend. According to Sally Fallon Morell, in her article Be Kind To Your Grains … and Your Grains Will Be Kind To You: “Extrusion represents extreme cruelty to our grains.”

The Weston A. Price Foundation asserts that the cereal industry has convinced the United States Food and Drug Administration that extruded grains are no different from non-extruded grains and has contrived to ensure that no studies have been published on the effects of extruded foods on either humans or animals. However

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