Can I Do An Even Better Job Than Supernanny Does?

By Thomas Liotta

2 Positive Parenting Design Ideas to Include a +1 to My Personal Favorite Supernanny Jo Frost’s Naughty Mat for More Effective Parenting!

I adore Supernanny Jo Frost. Every mom or dad who has looked for even more effective parenting solutions has actually paid attention to Supernanny’s naughty mat and time-out methods for loud, rambunctious and hideous behavior.

Although Supernanny’s ideas work with younger children, and she was very ahead of her time with parenting options, what if there was a “+1” to her methods that would produce a more positive outcome overall? Exactly what if these exact same methods worked with older children, tweens and teens to produce cooperation, self-control and self-discipline in the family home?

It is regular for children to be loud, aggressive and obnoxious at times, and children would love to have an environment where they could be rough and play. They would also like to be accepted and adored for who they are. You have the capacity to find the correct environment for loud, pushy and rambunctious behavior so you can encourage the playful normal behavior of your child or teenager.

Keep reading to uncover positive parenting style strategies from my husband Thomas, that include a +1 to Supernanny Jo Frost’s naughty mat.

1. Set up the environment beforehand by asking your kid or young teen, “Where is the very best place to be loud, pushy and rambunctious, little Timmy?” They will provide you the right response, “At the park, Mom.” Or “In the backyard, Dad.” “Perfect, Timmy, so the next time you are combating with your siblings, running around, and being loud, where will you go?” “Outside, Mom and Dad.” Then, you could praise little Timmy, “Oh, look at you, you are so wise, Timmy. That’s just what I enjoy about you a lot. You constantly say the correct answer.”

2. Ask questions and quantify what they are doing. Right here are some questions you could ask to constantly be in an environment of stating yes (not ever no) and providing favorable messages to your kid or teenager by having your kids tell you what actions they are choosing for themselves.

1. Where is a good location for pushing, Timmy? 2. What are good things to push? 3. When is it alright to push someone? 4. Where is the most effective place for you to run around and yell? 5. Exactly what is great inside habits?

As soon as you ask your child or teen these basic questions and recognize that they are really brilliant you will become a strong believer that they will always understand the appropriate response. The next time they are rollicking the house, just before you warn, impose or reward any habits, simply ask them, “Where is the very best location for running?” When they state outside and go outside, you are directing your child’s habits with questions, adoringly, with favorable belief in them. You may be shocked when you see that they love pushing their brother on the swing at the park and every little thing truly isn’t so naughty.

It’s so simple!

The parenting strategies will help you produce a confident, happy and grateful child or teenager in any child. When you learn to lovingly guide your child’s behavior, as opposed to using outdated punishment techniques, that work short-term at best, you will be the hero to your child. Make sure to get our FREE gift to you. The first 2,000 will get it. Act now!


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