I’m Certain My Toddler Wants to Go to War with Me at Bedtime Since He Does It Every Night

Favorable Parenting Methods for a Peaceful Easy Bed time with Your Young Kids or Child!

It is typical for toddlers, kids, tweens and teenagers to be manipulative when it is time do something they absolutely must do but don’t want to. When it involves bedtime we have actually seen many scary videos on YouTube about bedtime battles with little toddlers and children. It is easy to see that if the moms and dads took a different, new and loving strategy in leading their kids’s behavior verses typical out-of-date punishment techniques, they would have the ability to create the success at bedtime that all moms and dads are wanting to produce.

Below Are 3 Positive Parenting Strategies for a Peaceful Bedtime with Your Toddler or Young Child.

1. Instruct your kid the life skill of going to bed.

This consists of setting out step-by-step procedure of bed time. For instance, 1. Take a bath. 2. Put pjs on. 3. Read part of a story. 4. Crawl into bed. If your kids share a bedroom, or a bed, take the time to teach them an appropriate process for getting into the bed.

2. Ask your child pre-framing questions leading up to bedtime.

If something goes wrong, do not get caught up in bad habits, stay concentrated on the job at hand by asking great questions. “Little Timmy, what should you be doing right now?” Or “Do you want to go to bed now or in 5 more minutes from now?”

3. Know the reward.

Know exactly what is necessary to your child and you will constantly have fuel to obtain their complete cooperation. Way too many times we inform our kids, “It’s bedtime because I stated so.” When you concentrate on something that is necessary to the child, like their time at the park the next day, the kid feels verified and adored: “Little Timmy, when you go to bed on time you make more time at the park tomorrow.”

And it’s always done lovingly, with a focus on saying the word yes.


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