Tired of Yelling at Your Ungrateful Kid Yet? Or Do you Need a Few More Miserable Months or Years?

Favorable Parenting Solutions For Raising Kids – Toddlers, Young Children, Tweens and Teenagers!

Over the last several years we, as a culture, have witnessed a dramatic boost in childhood depression, adolescent suicide and school firearm shootings. Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD, ADHD) has become a household word and complete and utter disrespect has become accepted as normal teenaged daily behavior. It is apparent that numerous parenting modes utilized in this modern era are unsuspectingly creating bad behavior in the kids and teenagers.

If your kids are carrying a cell phone, raiding the refrigerator whenever they pick, and playing with their own personal video devices, then you are heading in the direction of difficulty, frustration and horror. Whether you agree with these declarations or not at this moment, it is the honest truth and it is occurring.

The question is how and why is this occurring? And, is there a parenting means you can utilize to make a positive modification, break the pattern of disorder, and help you become a major part of a master strategy to develop a positive difference worldwide when you Know Your Role as a Parent?

I am delighted to tell you the answer is an impressive YES! There is a wonderful formula, a viewpoint that makes sense, and it is a movement I see growing everywhere around me. A positive parenting change. This new ideology will bring you parenting solutions that will help you to change the momentum with your kids, and help them to produce effective habits that will serve them for the rest of their lives and for all future generations.

It breaks my heart when I see a single dad prep up the truck for his whole family’s vacation, cook all the food, and be financially in charge of practically everything while his teenagers fluff off, play games, and grumble about how hungry they are.

It breaks my heart when I watch a relatively new mother yell at her kid in the supermarket, “Stop it! You are embarrassing me!” while she continues to text on her cellular phone and the kid keeps on crying even harder. It breaks my heart when I watch a mother use parenting designs, which consistent of regularly irritating her kid, “Come over here. Stop that. Get over here right now. That is not OK. Do you wish for a time-out?” as the kid keeps doing exactly what he is doing as if she does not even exist.

And it breaks my heart to see mothers and fathers all over flex over backwards for their child just to end up with unappreciative, disrespectful and unproductive tweens and ultimately grownups.

I understand, I have actually produced it too and I have experienced it and I have taken back control as a parent.

I understand you can too when you find and genuinely come to Know Your Role as a Parent. Let’s start with changing the momentum. Stop what you’re doing. Ask yourself, “What is my role as a parent” now, right now!


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