how to improve our reading skill

               How to improve your speed-reading skill foreign language becomes easy if you know the tricks and tips.Readingwill be fun. You don’t have to open your dictionary very often. Your skill will improve gradually. What you need to do you just follow the steps from practicing intensive reading and extensive reading.


Readingis an activity to grasps ideas from a passage or text. Reading a foreign language is not different from reading native language. It is not translating into your mother language. You need to read full sentence to catch the idea of the sentence. You can use your dictionary to read a foreign language but using it very often will interrupt your thought. How to improve speed-reading skill a foreign language as quickly as reading your native language becomes the focus on this passage.

There are two methods of reading skill a foreign language. These two methods have correlation. The first is intensive reading. It is slow and careful reading. You need to note the difficult words and structures. You also need to reproduce your understanding on your own. You can in turn use construction in your speaking or writing to imitate the vocabulary, sentence structures and phrases you obtain in your reading. You cannot apply intensive reading technique in quick and fluent reading but this technique helps you develop the ability to improve your speed-reading skill foreign language.

The second is extensive reading. This is rapid and fluent reading. You have to practice the technique by reading easy materials and familiar topics.  Your goal is not to learn vocabularies, sentence structures and phrases but to understand the idea of a passage or a text. Your basic skill in intensive reading will speed up your improvement in developing your skill. You are expected to understand the idea of foreign language texts as quickly as to understand your native language.

You may face hard problems to improve speed-reading skill foreign language. Most people have difficulties in understanding vocabularies, structures. In general, non-native language learners have basic vocabularies of some three thousand words.  (Language and life in The USA, Gladys G. Doty, Janet Ross, Happer and Row, Publishers, New York, 1968).  To help you overcome these obstacles you should practice reading materials designed for foreign students.  You will be stressful of you read time magazine articles while you are a beginner.

Learning vocabularies is not difficult. You should have a dictionary. When you are learning English language, you can use American College dictionary, Websters dictionary or Longman dictionary.  You do not need to look up your dictionary too often but you note the difficult words and continue reading until you finish the sentence or paragraph. You connect the idea with the difficult words. If you still find problems, you can open your dictionary.

You may have some problems to understand sentence structures. You have to mark your difficult spots then reread the selection until you understand the meaning. You do not need to spend too much time on the problems as long as you do not lose you’re the idea of a paragraph you can skip and finish your reading until the last sentence. When you think that it is important, you can reread the difficult sentence structures. You have to practice to improve your reading skill and you will not realize that your skill is getting better after that.

These are some steps of reading for fluency for beginners. I hope these tips will be useful for you.

  1. Mark the difficult vocabularies and sentences. You do not have to spend too much time in finding the meaning of a word. You can continue reading until you finished the paragraph. You can reread if you need.
  2. Go back to the difficult words and sentences. You will know the meaning of the words or sentences after you finished reading. You get the meaning from the correlation of the whole idea of the text. You will find the difficult words or sentences become clear after all.
  3. Reread the difficult words and structures. You may not get the meaning of the words at fist. You can get the meaning when you reread them. If you still find difficulties in understanding the meaning, you can look up your dictionary or you grammar books. Take a note, write down the case and keep it. You need to open your note someday.


Practicing reading foreign language will help you improve speed-reading foreign language. You should start from easy materials to ones that are more difficult. You can also practice with your friends or lectures to improve your reading skill. Your friends or lectures will help you every time you find difficult words and structures. The best of all to improve your reading skills you always practice because practice makes perfect.


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