How to make children like reading

           Readingis a mental and physical activity. It seems doing nothing but it needs muc energy. Most children prefer watching TV to reading.Readingis a boring activity for them. They sometime say that it is a serious activity and not much fun. However, reading cab be fun and has much benefit for some other children.


            Some people have a bad perception of reading. They think people who like reading are serious, unfriendly and not sociable. This is not true. Few people that like reading coincidently are serious. You as parents must break the perception, wrap it in a plastic bag and throw it into a trashcan. You need to build image that reading is fun. Tell your children that they will not lose their friends because they like reading!


           Readinghelps children develop their intelligence. Children who like reading have more knowledge than others. They have new horizon of thought. On the other hands, you must choose a fine book for them. Good, qualified and suitable reading materials for your children can stimulate the way they think. The more they read the more input they get.


           Readingis a hobby. You need to serve many books to your children to make them love reading. Colorful books and interesting pictures or stories attract your children attention. When you children are interested in reading and continue their habit, it means they have a new hobby. That is reading.


            Your children still have energetic personality even though they like reading. You can manage their time. You don’t have to draw them from their friends and playmates. You can let them bring their favorite books and share with their friends while they are playing out. You can make your children still have opportunity to play some games and outdoor activities.


            In the end, reading is a fun activity for your children. You should build that image to your children. You should grow the seed of image to your children and their friends. You don’t have to worry to make your children like reading. You need to supply many qualified books. The last, you must let your children play out to get along with their playmates.


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