Benefit of outdoor games for children

Children like playing games. They enjoy playing out with their playmates. Outdoor games are good for them. Children who like playing out will get much benefit from outdoor activities. You as parents must give opportunity for your children to play out because they will be fun and happy to run, walk, jump and do other physical activities.

Outdoor games are good for your children. Your children will be active. They also do some exercise while they are playing. Outdoor games need and use much energy because your children sometime run, hide, and crawl on the ground. Hide and seek is one of interesting games for children. They will get much fun playing this game.

Your children use much energy to do outdoor games. Every country has different traditional games. Traditional games usually have education purpose besides having fun. You no need to prohibit your children do some physical activities while they are playing traditional games.

Here some benefit of doing outdoor games for your children.

  1. Your children do exercise while playing. They walk, run , jump, hide and do some physical activities. Their movement will burn their calories. It is like doing sport and exercise.
  2. Your children learn how to be sportive. In playing games, they sometime lose and win. It is a common situation for them. They will not be stressful even though they lose the game. Being a winner doesn’t make them arrogant and have over power of others. They will be sportive whether they win or lose.
  3. Your children can make friend better. An outdoor or traditional game usually needs many children to play. Your children have much chance to socialize with their peers. This is a great moment to make friend. Your children will get along with others easily at other moments and community because they are accustomed to deal with many people.
  4. Your children learn how to overcome problems. A traditional or outdoor game sometime needs your children to think smartly and quickly. In this situation, your children will learn how to cope a problem. They will learn how to escape from difficult situation while playing. It is great mental exercise for them to overcome stressful and difficult condition.

As parents and educators, we need to facilitate our children to grow better mentally and physically. We expect our children be a stable and reliable personality. We just need to keep an eye on them if there is something that threatens them while they are playing out. We have to make sure the game is secure, save and have value of education for our beloved boys or girls.


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